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Adrienne Wilkinson in ANGEL ep 'Orpheus'Gina Torres as Jasmin in ANGEL22nd April 2003 - XENA actors Update

Time for a little update about a few of our favourites from XENA and what they are up to. This is by no means an exhaustive list - I am sure I'll miss a few. Feel free to Email me with news updates.

Probably highest profile in the cult tv world of the ex-XENA crew is Gina Torres(Cleopatra). After her recent wedding to The Matrix star, Laurence Fishburne, Gina had a role in Joss Whedon's new show screening from last autumn, Firefly. Sadly, it never took off, and was cancelled, but Gina is clearly a Joss-favourite, as she now has a pivotal role on Angel as Jasmine, a mysterious demon/goddess. It's still not clear who or what Jasmine is, but Gina is fab as always!

For Angel fans, Adrienne Wilkinson(Eve/Livia) has a small role in a recent episode too. Adrienne also had a role in Fastlane, an action drama that has been well populated with ex-XENA cast. Jennifer Sky and Hudson Leick have also made appearences recently. Adrienne is also appearing on the daytime soap Days of Our Lives - but just a guest role I think.

Victoria Pratt(Cyane) is still doing well in the succesful Mutant X - although I don't watch - I know I've seen several interview with her recently in the CUlt tv magazines.

The XENA actor in the biggest hit film is probably Karl Urban(Caesar). With a considerable role in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Karl will be in the final film of the trilogy Return of the King too. He is also apparently appearing in Riddick, the follow up to Pitch Black with Vin Diesel. (Still can't believe Dame Judi Dench is lined up for THAT movie!)

Talking of Vin Diesel, the excellent Marton Csokas (Borias) who had a part as stereotype baddie, Yorgi in XXX seems to be doing OK with his movie career. He has a couple on films lined up, The Great Raid, a war film with Benjamin Bratt and Timeline, a time travel adventure directed by Lethal Weapon/Superman director, Richard Donner.

I had an email from someone about Jacqueline Kim(Lao Ma) and a film she has coming up called Charlotte Sometimes - no nothing to do with the kids book or that song by The Cure.

In addition to being nominated for two 2003 Spirit awards: BEST PICTURE/JOHN CASSAVETES AWARD and BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS for Jacqueline Kim, CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES has been awarded the AUDIENCE AWARD at SXSW, THE BEST PICTURE AWARD at San Diego Asian Film Festival and the SPECIAL JURY PRIZE at the Florida F ilm Festival. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times raves: "Uncannily realistic, fascinating and illuminating... a relationship picture that plays like an emotional thriller!" Ain't it Cool News calls it: "A resounding success! A well constructed, engaging piece of finely wrought emotion, in the tradition of Ozu, Zhang Yimou and Ang Lee."

The Story: Michael (MICHAEL IDEMOTO) is a Japanese American auto mechanic torn between a restrictive traditional upbringing and his own potent dreams and desires. Secretly in love with the girlishly sexy, Chinese American Lori (EUGENIA YUAN, recent winner of the Hong Kong Academy Award for Best New Performer), Michael represses his longing (and growing resentment) to maintain their cherished friendship. When he encounters the mysterious Darcy (JACQUELINE KIM) at the local nightspot, Michael is forced to choose between a daring tryst with an alluring stranger, and the habitual comfort of his bittersweet obsession.

Click here for more on this film

Another email update from someone is about Jeremy Callaghan(Pompey). Jeremy Callaghan and his wife Gaelle have just had their second child, a girl, Jade Louise, born March 3 - a little sister for Hugo

Another ex-XENA actor to find big success is Kathryn Morris(Najara). After a great role in the excellent Minority Report with Tom Cruise, Kathryn is in John Woo's short film The Hostage, and Renny Harlin's FBI thriller Mindhunters with Val Kilmer.

Tim Omundsen(Eli) still to be seen on seemingly endless Judging Amy reruns, also had a role in new sci fi show John Doe recently.

David Franklin(Brutus) was seen right to end (almost) in that late and much lamented Farscape - prematurely axed (and wow, what a finale!) He is also listed as appearing in both Crocodile Hunter and Crocodile Dundee in LA, wow, 2 crap croc films!

Top XENA writer RJ Stewart is sticking with the action - he has written the script for a movie starring WWF's The Rock as a bounty hunter called Welcome to the Jungle

Not popular on XENA, but writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are now a fixture on top action show Alias, also serving as executive producers.

Know how any other ex-XENA cast or crew are doing??

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