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Name: Jon Brazier
Birth Place: New Zealand


Jon Brazier has appeared in episodes of Hercules - including 'The Outcast' with Lucy Lawless. He was first seen in XENA in The Dirty Half Dozen as Walsim, one of the half dozen who didn`t make it to the end of the episode! He returned with much less hair in Vanishing Act as a master criminal who steals a giant golden statue.Jon returned in a small role in the S5 finale, Motherhood

Jon has appeared in big NZ films, 'The Piano'(1993) and 'The Ugly'(1997), he was also in 'Scarfies' (1999) with Willa O'Neill and Garth Maxwell's 'When Love Comes' (1998)


The Dirty Half Dozen
Vanishing Act

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