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Name: Alison Bruce
Birth Place: New Zealand


Alison Bruce has played several memorable roles on XWP. She was first seen in Hooves and Harlots as Queen Melosa, sister of Terreis and the Amazon Queen. Sadly, her death was reported in The Quest. Alison was back in Season 5`s Animal Attraction as Xena`s old friend Talia. Alison often worked for Renaissance Pictures as a reader at auditions, voicing the part opposite the actor who is auditioning.

Alison has been an actress in New Zealand for some years. She was in the Hercules episode, 'Gladiator' and appeared in Young Hercules as Simula. She appeared with a young Lucy Lawless in the 'Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior' film.

The Internet Movie Database lists these films for Alison:

Alex (1993) .... Female Journalist
"Shortland Street" (1992) TV Series .... Lindsay Maguire
Rainbow Warrior, The (1992) .... Leslie Holbrook (1992)
End of the Golden Weather, The (1991) .... Auntie Kass
Mon Desir (1991)
Old Scores (1991) .... Ngaire Morgan
Angel at My Table, An (1990) .... Dora
User Friendly (1990)


Hooves and Harlots
Animal Attraction


Alison was interviewed in the XENA magazine Issue 22
She was interviewed in the online Xena Magazine Whoosh

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