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Name: Melinda Clarke


Sometimes credited as Mindy Clarke, Melinda was a favourite baddie for many people. She played the villainous Amazon Velasca (or Velaska) in The Quest and A Necessary Evil. Melinda was said to be one of the five actresses who turned down the role of Xena back when they were casting for the role in the Hercules trilogy of episodes.

Melinda has acted in a variety of film and tv roles, often in action or adventure roles. She was particularly memorable in the movie Spawn.
She appeared at the UK Starfury Convention in 2002 and was extremely entertaining! Wilder than Hudson Leick (who is a good friend of hers.)
Melinda has acheived a fair amount of success in the last few years thanks to high profile guest roles as dominatrix Lady Heather in CSI and uber-bitch Julie Cooper in The OC

Visit the Internet Movie Database to read her extensive list of credits


The Quest
A Necessary Evil

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The Starfury Web site - Melinda is appearing in the UK in July 2002

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