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Name: Claudia Black
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Date of Birth: 11th October 1973


Claudia Black never really appeared on XENA, but she was one of the stars of the unseen pilot show, Amazon High, which eventually became part of the S5 episode Lifeblood. She played the leader of the Chertomliks group who would become the first Amazons. She said about it:

"She was regal and butch at the same time. It was quite a combination. We were running around, in possum fur bikinis, screaming and beating up stuntmen."

She was terrific too. Just imagine, a show with Claudia Black, Danielle Cormack and Selma Blair (Cruel intentions)...could have been great! Still, Claudia did even better, as she landed a starring role in Farscape as Aeryn Sun - another great action female!

Claudia DID appear on HERCULES however - she played the cursed Cassandra in a couple of episodes - the mythological character who's fate was to prophecise the truth yet no one would ever believe her.

Claudia has worked in all sorts of places on TV, film and theatre. She was in the hit movie 'Pitch Black (2000)'

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