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Danielle as Samsara in LIFEBLOOD

Name: Danielle Cormack
Birth Place: New Zealand
Marital Status:


Kiwi actress Danielle Cormack is a big favourite among fans for her portrayal of the Amazon regent, Ephiny in both Xena and Hercules. She also appeared in the Hercules episode Les Contemptibles as a noblewoman with a dodgy French accent!

Danielle has also made a number of highly regarded independant movies, such as Topless Women Talk about their Lives(1997), a quirky drama focussing on a group of young friends for which she won the 1997 New Zealand Film and Television Award for Best Actress. She also appeared in Siam Sunset(1999) a comedy set in Australia with British actor Linus Roache.

She has a young son. Danielle has appeared in the new Renaissance Pictures series Cleopatra 2525 in a memorable role as a mind reading bad girl named Raina, and returned to XENA as the ghost of Ephiny in S6.

Hooves and Harlots
Is There a Doctor in the House?
The Quest
A Necessary Evil
Maternal Instincts
The Bitter Suite
Last of the Centaurs

Character description:
Ephiny first appeared in the episode Hooves and Harlots, and did not like Xena or Gabrielle at first. However, she and Xena teamed up to discover who was trying to start a war between the Amazons and the Centaurs. Ephiny fell in love with a centaur named Phantes, but he was killed when they got caught up in the civil war between the Mitoans and the Thessalians. Xena delivered her centaur son, Xenan in the middle of the war zone. Ephiny was a good friend to Gabrielle when Xena "died" in The Quest, and when the renegade Amazon Velasca tried to take over she sided against her.
Ephiny was killed in the episode Endgame by the Roman soldier Brutus, but returned in spirit for in the final season episode Last of the Centaurs to help her son Xenan.

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