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Name: Aaron Devitt
Birth Place: New Zealand


Aaron Devitt appeared as Lyceus in Remember Nothing as a young actor with virtually no training. Lucy Lawless talked about the episode and Devitt in the Official Guide to the Xenaverse by Robert Weisbrot.

"(The director Anson Williams) was yelling at him like crazy..trying to wring a good performance out of him....Anson was just ragging on him, trying to get some Methody-type performance out of him, which was ridiculous because this boy was untrained. He had all the raw material and no sort of craft. And so I went out the back with Aaron and we talked about acting and I tried to get him to loosen up and have some fun with me and just listen (to my character) and 'bring me in'. And I think he did have more fun but it gave him a terrible shock about acting. he said he'd never so another part without going away to drama school."

Presumably he did this as Aaron had a role in a Series 5 episode of Hercules


Remember Nothing

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