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Name: Karen Dior
Born: 14th February 1967, Missouri, USA
Died:25th August 2004, Los Angeles, USA


Karen Dior's casting in S2's 'Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis' is slightly problematic. While billed as Karen Dior rather than their birth name Geoff Gann, the gender identity of the character is unclear - is she a man pretending to be a woman to win the beauty contest or is she does she idetify as a trans-woman? 1997 was less careful about trans issues I guess!
Karen Dior had roles in the porn movie industry as a performer and director for many years but also made the move to regular tv and film roles on XENA and Veronica's Closet. She sadly died of complications linked to AIDS in 2004

Karen Dior at IMDB


Here She Comes..Miss Amphipolis

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