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Name: Karen Dior
Birth Place: USA


Karen Dior is also known as Geoff Gann or Geoffrey Karen Dior. He is a female impersonator/transvestite actor/actress! A search for Geoff Gann or Karen Dior gives interesting results. Karen Dior is a big hit on the Adult video scene, directing and starring in a number of films. He was even inducted into the Adult Video News' porn hall of fame!

Geoff Gann`s credits are of straight drama films playing "Transvestite #2" in 'A River Made to Drown In(1997)' and in 'Just Add Love (1997)' Geoff is listed as playing "Lenore (Eddie)"...another cross dressing role?

The kiss between Xena and Miss Artifys at the end was going to be edited, but Dior is HIV positive and Lucy Lawless was said to be keen to leave it in.


Here She Comes..Miss Amphipolis

Geoffrey Karen Dior's web site - NOT for the easily offended!

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