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Name: Jodie Dorday
Birth Place: New Zealand


Jodie Dorday has played three roles on XENA, although she is best known for playing the Amazon, Solari. She appeared in Prometheus as the priestess Io, who challenges Xena to get the instruction on how to free Prometheus. She had a bit part in Warrior..Priestess..Tramp as a bordello girl working at Meg`s place. Solari was killed off before the credits in Endgame.

Jodie appeared in a recent episode of 'Jack of All Trade' as Kentucky Sue, a Calamity Jane type role, and way over the top! Fun though.

Jodie has a dance background, only coming to acting later. Like 99% of New Zealand actors, she did a stint on 'Shortland Street' in 1997.


The Quest
A Necessary Evil

Whoosh interview with Jodie Dorday

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