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Name: Angela Dotchin
Birth Place: Auckland, New Zealand


Angela Dotchin only appeared in one XENA episode, but was a RenPics favourite, appearing in several HERCULES episode, and co-starring with Bruce Campbell in Jack of All Trades. Angela also co-starred in the show "Lawless" with Kevin Smith.

The Lawless web site has a nice bio of Angela..
Angela Dotchin has long been recognised by New Zealand television audiences and executives alike as a complete ‘natural’. Arriving on the set of Television New Zealand’s Shortland Street when the show first began in 1992, Dotchin was an unknown with little experience. She quickly embraced the role of Kirsty Knight and made it her own. Over the years, audiences watched as Kirsty transformed from the hospital’s receptionist to one of the show’s most central characters...

Since leaving Shortland Street two years ago, Dotchin played roles in the American series Xena: Warrior Princess and the Hercules spin-off Young Hercules. She soon caught the attention of the shows' executive producers at Pacific Renaissance, and she went on to win the female lead role in their upcoming series Jack of All Trades Her role as Jodie Keane in "Lawless" won Dotchin the Best Actress Award at the 1999 TV Guide Television Awards.

"It was great to be able to do something different," she says. "Jodie is ambitious, gutsy and honest, and more than anything, she wants to be a cop."

Angela lives in Auckland and is the partner of 'Once Were Warriors' star Temuera Morrison.



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