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Name: Ebonie Smith


Ebonie Smith only appeared on one episode of XENA, but her character, M'Lila was an important one to Xena. She taught her the use of pressure points, and judging by the pattern on her t shirt, Xena designed her breastplate on M'Lila's look. M'Lila saved Xena from certain death after being crucified by Caesar, and it was her death that propelled Xena into a murderous rage against humanity!

Ebonie is a popular convention guest for her sweet nature, a lovely singing voice, and her habit of mixing with the fans rather than sitting backstage.

She started out as a child actor, and indeed, appeared in the 4 Lethal Weapon movies as Danny Glover's youngest daughter when she was aged 9, 12, 13 and 20 years old. She has lots of other film and TV credits. Check out her details at The Internet Movie Database

At the 2001 Pasadena XENA convention, Ebonie announced that she was quitting acting and was about to begin training as a doctor. She already has a fine arts degree in Film Production and Chinese Language & Culture, so clearly a very clever lady!



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