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Name: Morgan Reese Fairhead
Place of Birth: New Zealand
Date of Birth: 27th September 1981


Full time Amazon! Morgan Reese Fairhead has played 2 different amazons on XENA. In Season 5`s Lifeblood and Kindred Spirits, she played Eris. In a nice bit on continuity, she played an Amazon from the same tribe in the S6 episodes, Path of Vengeance and To Helicon and Back - 25 years later of course. The new leader of that tribe, she was called Cyane - about the 4th Cyane we have met!
She has also appeared in Young Hercules, playing Euridyce in 4 episodes. I think she MUST be a Kiwi as she appeared in 'Shortland Street'!

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Kindred Spirits
Path of Vengeance
To Helicon and Back

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