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Name: Robert Harte
Place of Birth: New Zealand


New Zealand actor Robert Harte is another multi-role actor. He was first seen in Chariots of War as a lowlife who was bugging Gabrielle in a bar. His biggest role was as Xena`s fiance, Maphais, in the alternate world of Remember Nothing. Robert was also in Gabrielle`s Hope as an ill-fates Knight of the Pierced Heart who helped Xena and Gabrielle. He was memorably strangled by baby Hope with his own pendant. Never with work with small children.

Robert has also appeared in that training ground for Kiwi actors, 'Shortland Street' and Hercules.

Looking for information on Robert Harte, I found that there is a NZ show called 'My House, My Castle' which is presented by Robert Harte, but the web site says that this one is a practising lawyer. However, it looks like him... (RIGHT) What do you think?

Email Me if you know whether it IS the same guy.

Thanks for the Emails...it IS the same man!


Chariots of War
Remember Nothing
Gabrielle's Hope

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