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Name: Bruce Hopkins
Place of Birth: Invercargill, New Zealand
Date of Birth: 25th November 1955


Another actor who has played a number of small roles on XENA, Bruce Hopkins was in one of the first episodes, Dreamworker as Termin(can`t place him actually...was he one of the ones trying to kill Xena?)Bruce played one of the warlords in Ten Little Warlords. His biggest role was in S4`s Daughter of Pomira. He played Rahl, an old comrade of Xena`s whose daughter is the one kidnapped by the Horde.

Bruce has also appeared in Young Hercules and High Tide on TV. He has also appeared in 'Lawless', the crime show starring Kevin Smith.
Bruce had a starring role as a renegade hero Jake Lawson in a recent episode of 'Cleopatra 2525' and appeared in Michael Hurst's movie 'Jubilee(2000)'

Bio from TheOneRing.net
Son of a crayfisherman, turned to the performing arts after training as a teacher in physical education and time as a crayfisherman. Professional dancer for 9 years, in Australia and New Zealand..including Limbs Dance Co. and Black Grace Dance Co. Two years as company actor withthe Mercury Theatre company in Auckland NZ. He is playing Gamling in Lord of the Rings.

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Ten Little Warlords
Daughter of Pomira

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