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Name: Gillian Horvath


This from Gillian's web site

Gillian Horvath was born and raised in New York City, the daughter of a "60 Minutes" Producer, a social worker, and an HBO Executive. (What, everyone doesn't have three parents?) A graduate (cum laude) of the Film Studies Department at Yale University, Gillian nevertheless attributes her early education in Television writing to her summers spent interning in Drama Development at Universal Television (under the auspices of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Summer Internship Program) and in the Drama Programming Department at NBC Entertainment. In her first years in Hollywood she also worked as a script typist, freelance reader and researcher, and even as a tape screener for AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS, where her lasting contribution to the common culture was "the little redheaded girl who pretended to eat her vegetables." Gillian joined the crew of HIGHLANDER:THE SERIES at the beginning of the 2nd season as Script Coordinator. As a Consultant on the writing staff in seasons 3-5, she joined Head Writer David Abramowitz and Executive Producer Bill Panzer in supervising the freelance writers and story arcs, reaching the level of Associate Creative Consultant. She is also one of the writers Highlander feature film, HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME

Gillian was Executive Story Editor on Season 8 of BAYWATCH, where she created the character of Jack "JD" Darius and sent Mitch Buchannon into life and death battle with a giant rubber eel. Her other credits include QUEEN OF SWORDS ("Counterfeit Queen"), XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS ("A Tale of Two Muses"), DIAGNOSIS MURDER ("Murder by Friendly Fire,") QUANTUM LEAP ("Promised Land"), BEVERLY HILLS 90210 ("Perfectly Perfect," which won the 1993 SCOTT NEWMAN DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION AWARD for its depiction of diet pill abuse), and six episodes of the Vampire Cop show, FOREVER KNIGHT, including viewer favorites "Fever" and "Queen of Harps." Look for upcoming episodes of BEASTMASTER and LARGO WINCH, written by Gillian.

Gillian is Executive Story Editor of the upcoming series, MYTHQUEST, to be broadcast on PBS and the CBC beginning in January 2002.


Tale of Two Muses

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