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Name: Joseph LoDuca


Michigan based composer Joseph LoDuca has worked with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert since "The Evil Dead", back in 1982. Joe has done the music for most of the Renaissance Pictures productions since then. He has also written the music for several car commercials. There have been 5 Xena CDs and 3 Hercules CDs. Not bad for two tv shows.
Joe finally received the recognition he deserved for all his excellent work on XENA in 2000, when he received and Emmy - the show's first - for the music to Fallen Angel, after being nominated five times.
Post-XENA and Hercules, Joe has written the music for several films and TV shows. Particularly memorable was the soundtrack to the movie Brotherhood of the Wolf. He retains a bit of a link with Lucy Lawless, having done the music for both Boogeyman and Locusts.

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