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Name: Tsianina Joelson
Character Name: Varia
Birth Date: 16th January 1975
Birth Place: Coquille, Oregon


Impetuous Amazon Varia appears in a number of Season 6 episodes, beginning with the opening episode Coming Home. Tsianina (pronounced "Cha-nee-na" )can sometimes be seen on MTV apparently. She is the co-host of "Daily Burn" on MTV - you can even buy the video!
Tsianina was 1997 Fitness America Champion. Her biggest movie role was the recent Kirsten Dunst cheerleader film Bring it on (2000)

Tsianina is married to ex-football player Greg Joelson, a professional football player from 1989 to 1994, playing for the San Francisco 49ers, the San Diego Chargers and in the Canadian Football League. Tsianina is a native of Coquille, Oregon.

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Coming Home
Dangerous Prey
Path of Vengeance
To Helicon and Back


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