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Name: Jacqueline Kim
Place of birth: USA
Birthday: March 31st


Jaqueline Kim appeared as Lao Ma in just two episodes, The Debt I and II, but made a very strong impression as Xena`s former mentor in Chin. Lao Ma saved Xena`s life, and also her soul she says, as she taught her that there was more to life than violence. She had special powers which Xena almost managed to master. She is seen again in flashbacks in the S5 episode Purity.

American actress Jaqueline Kim was raised in Detroit and went to drama school in Chicago before working extensively in the theatre. She is chiefly remembered as Mr Sulu`s daughter in the 'Star Trek:Generations' movie. She also appeared in the recent film 'Volcano' with Tommy Lee Jones as a doctor. She has also appeared in top US drama's 'ER' and 'The West Wing'.


The Debt I
The Debt II

Good interview with Jacqueline Kim

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