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Name: John Leigh
Place of Birth: New Zealand


How many character have got to marry Xena?!! John Leigh played King Hrothgar in 'Return of the Valkyrie'. Apparently he also played "Nabcot" in Ides of March...who was that??
He is Hama in the 'Lord of the Rings' films, and has appeared in Shortland Street and Jack of All Trades, and was in the movie The Frighteners

He is in the NZ movie Stickmen, and this comes from the Stickmen web site
John Leigh is probably best known to television audiences as Lionel Skeggins in the popular series "Shortland Street". He has since appeared in "The Life and Times of Te Tutu" for "Pio" as well as "Money for Jam"; the hugely successful US series "Xena: Warrior Princess" for Pacific Renaissance and their latest production "Jack of All Trades". Additional television credits include the award-winning telemovie "Home Movie" and the BBC documentary "The Horizon".


Return of the Valkyrie

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