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Name: Charles Mesure
Birth Place: Somerset, England.
Date of Birth: 12th August 1970


Charles Mesure was born in Somerset in England and emigrated to Australia at the age of 5. Dubbing himself a ‘perennial student’, Mesure even studied Law at one point but finally decided that acting was his calling. He attended NIDA (National Institute of Drama Art) in Sydney, following in the footsteps of stars like Mel Gibson and Cate Blanchett.

His first professional acting role was that of a gay barman in the TV2 series, City Life. "Within a couple of months of finishing drama school I was kissing Kevin Smith in the middle of the road!"
from the Street Legal Web Site

Charles Mesure has played three memorable roles on Xena:Warrior Princess. In S2`s the Price, he was Mercer, one of the lead soldiers who Xena worked with. He reappeared in S3 in the rather lack lustre Dirty half Dozen as the chauvenistic, but good bloke really, Darnell.In the opening episode of S5, Charles played the Archangel Michael, a role he had played previously on Hercules. Archangel Michael appeared in several more episodes.

Commentary by RJ Stewart on the S5 DVDs revealed that his name is pronounced "Measure-ay"

Since the end of XENA, Charles appears to have moved to the US. He appeared in the mega-hit show "Lost", and the US shows, "Without a Trace" and "Crossing Jordan". He also appeared in the movie "Boogeyman" with Lucy Lawless.

Visit the Internet Movie Database to read Charles' list of credits


The Price
The Dirty Half Dozen
Fallen Angel
The Haunting of Amphipolis
Heart of Darkness
The God You Know

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