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Name: Todd Rippon
Birth Place: Wellington, New Zealand

Marital Status: Married


New Zealander Todd Rippon often plays a big bad guy. He appeared in the second Hercules TV movie terrorizing Renee O`Connor.
Todd`s "biggest" role was as Goliath, the ill fated giant in Giant Killer. Todd`s skinny legs were commented on by Lucy Lawless!He again appeared as bad guy convict Macon in Tsunami who almost ruined everything for the ship wrecked sailors.Todd has also appeared in Hercules.

Todd has appeared in Shortland Street, the William Tell tv series, and "Dark Knight"

The Dark Knight web site has this bio for Todd:
No stranger to television (or to baddie roles), Todd first caught the imagination of viewers with his portrayal of Macon the murderer in Xena: Warrior Princess. Prior to that he had appeared in numerous films, including Castaway directed by Nicholas Roeg. His television credits include roles in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, The Legends of William Tell, Shortland Street and The Enid Blyton Adventure Series.

Todd grew up and was educated in Wellington, New Zealand. He developed an early interest in acting and began appearing in numerous plays. Following high school graduation at 17, Todd had 15 different jobs in his first year of work, and he now describes himself as "a jack of all trades".

After a stint in Australia where he gained a great deal of classical theatre experience, Todd returned to a busy career in New Zealand. Between appearances on local comedy shows, soap operas and longer series he teaches guitar at a local college. Todd continues to live in Wellington with his wife Pippa and their two young sons.


Giant Killer

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