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Name: Stephen Tozer
Birth Place: New Zealand


Stephen Tozer appeared as Mezentius in The Path Not Taken and again in Remember Nothing. He is the only character to be killed by Xena AND Gabrielle! Stephen returned to XENA in S3`s Tsunami. He had a recurring role on Young Hercules as Ophistus.

The Internet Movie Database lists these films for Stephen.
Jubilee (2000) .... Mr Crawford
Last Tattoo, The (1994) .... Henry Dykes
Old Scores (1991) .... Jim Farquhar
Came a Hot Friday (1985) .... Cop
Other Halves (1984) .... Lawyer
Trial Run (1984) .... Michael Edmonds
Goodbye Pork Pie (1981) .... Traffic Cop


The Path Not Taken
Remember Nothing

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