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Name: Musetta Vander
Birthday: May 26th
Birth place: Durban, South Africa
Marital Status: Married to director Jeff Celentano


Musetta appeared in just one XENA episode, Amphipolis Under Siege, as the goddess Athena's chose favourite. They sort of implied that they were VERY close too!
Musetta was born in South Africa and started out as a dancer before moving to the USA. She has worked quite extensively in film and TV, probably most memorably in Buffy as the praying mantis teacher, who nearly eats Xander in season 1! She has also appeared on Babylon 5, Voyager and Stargate SG1 Her films include Mortal Kombat, Wild Wild West, The Cell and O Brother Where Art Thou.
She is also the SPITTING IMAGE of Melinda Clarke!!

Visit the Internet Movie Database to read her extensive list of credits


Amphipolis Under Siege

The Official Musetta Vander website

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