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Name: Adrienne Wilkinson
Birth Place: Missouri, USA
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: September 1st, 1977


Adrienne Wilkinson had the almost impossible task of playing the grown up daughter of Xena and Callisto - now there`s an unlikely set of parents! LA based, Adrienne comes from an acting family and has been on stage since she was a child. She was also part of an all girl singing group, but had to quit when her acting career took off. Adrienne appears in several season 6 episodes.

Character Description

Xena`s child was `fathered` by Callisto in an immaculate conception! The name Eve was suggested by Solon, Xena`s dead son whom she met in Tartarus shortly before the birth. A prophesy says that the child of Xena will bring about the twilight of the Olympian gods, so Zeus tried to kill her. Hercules defeats and kills him though. The other gods also try to kill Eve and their relentless pursuit lead Xena to concoct a desperate plan, staging their deaths. After Ares puts Xena and Gabrielle on ice, thinking they are dead, the young Roman Octavius takes Eve to Rome, renaming her Livia to protect her. She becomes a warrior for Rome and a future empress of Rome as the future wife of Octavius - now Augustus Caesar. Xena returns to try and seperate her from Rome. However, Eve is her mother`s daughter and kills with glee at Ares` bidding! Eventually, she is saved, and becomes the total opposite of her former evil self - a peace loving follower of Eli.


Coming Home
Haunting of Amphipolis
Heart of Darkness
Who's Gurkhan?
The God You Know
You Are There
Path of Vengeance


There is an excellent interview with Adrienne on MaryDs AusXIP site.

Check out Adrienne`s excellent Official fan club page, http://www.adriennewilkinson.com

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