Xenaversity Challenge

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The competition ended ages ago, but if you have found this page and want to try the quiz, feel free to fill it in!

The first 10 are multiple choice questions, then you need to do some typing. The picture round is next and finally, there is a tie breaker question. Sorry this page is rather long, but I am just trying out this forms business. Good luck.

Q1. In which episode did Gabrielle lose her blood innocence?
Gabrielle:Murderer Princess
The Deliverer
Hooves and Harlots
Gabrielle's Hope

Q2. In which 2 episodes did Xena's brothers appear?
Sins of the Past and A Family Affair and
Remember Nothing and Warrior..Princess
Deathmask and Remember Nothing
Deathmask and Sins of the Past

Q3. Which character has Xena NOT had sex with?

Q4. Who taught Xena pressure points?
Lao Ma

Q5. Who was crowned Miss Known World?
Miss Skiros
Miss Artifyce
Miss Parnassas
Miss Messini

Q6. In which episode did Gabrielle throw Xena's chakram?
Sins of the Past
The Greater Good
A Day in the Life
The Quest
The Titans

Q7. What did Xena use to kill the Green Dragon?
fire breathing skills
Lao Ma's powers
her chakram
pressure points
a hair pin

Q8. Which of Xena's lookalikes is a virgin?
None of them
All of them

Q9. In which episode did Xena and Gabrielle NOT kiss one another?
The Greater Good
Is there a Doctor in the House?
The Quest
The Debt
Return of Callisto

Q10. Who or what is Kaltaka?
The Chinese God or War
An old friend of Xena's
Gabrielle's pony when she was a girl
the Greek name for Argo's tack

Round Two

You need to type your answers in this round. 2 points for a correct answer.

Q11. Who plays Gabrielle's sister Lila?

Q12. In which episode did we first meet Autolycus?

Q13. What was notable about the episode Ten Little Warlords?

Q14. Name Solan's centaur foster father.

Q15. In Hooves and Harlots, who hit Gabrielle on the head with a staff?

Q16. He's played Marat, Darkon and Theodorus who is he?

Q17. In which episode did Joxer speak pig Latin?

Q18. In which episode did Salmoneus speak pig Latin?

Q19. Who gave Gabrielle the Amazon right of caste?

Q20. What vanished in Vanishing Act?

Q21. In which episode did we hear about Tyrella?

Q22. Who beat up Xena and knocked out one of her back teeth?

Q23. Who killed Atrius?

Q24. In which episode did Gabrielle get her hair cut?

Q25. Which episode had sub-headings?

Picture Round

Name the character and the actor in each picture for 2 points, and an extra point if you can name the episode the picture is from. (Just type it all in the box.)











Tie Breaker: List the episodes that feature FRUIT in some way. (HINT, there are lots!)

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