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Chat on Xenaville

Read a partial transcript of the Katherine Fugate Chat at Xenaville on June 16th

Xenaville Crew Chats

A gang of us usually get together for voice chat, using Yahoo Messenger on Saturday nights from about 10pm UK/5pm EST for quite a few hours! Yahoo is not the most stable, but does have the rather nice VOICE CHAT feature, which means you can talk to people around the world.
So plug in your microphone and speakers and go to Yahoo Chat. Look in the "User Rooms" and you should see a room set up - usually called Xenaville Crew. Don't worry if you don't know anyone, or we're not talking about Xena. Just introduce yourself and join in.

There are more details below..

You have several options to chat at Xenaville.

Yahoo Voice Chat
There are a regular group of us who chat at weekends on Yahoo Chat. The Xenaville Crew have a user room on Yahoo Chat, and talk from about 10pm UK time, 5pm EST, 2pm PST, 5am Aussie time! (I think)
Go to

  • www.yahoo.com and click on chat. You will need to register. Find the TV list of rooms, look for Xena Warrior Princess and join. You will be in the general Xena room. Now click on "change rooms" and in the box that appears, click on "User rooms". Then look for one named `Xenaville crew` or similar. Make sure your microphone is plugged in and come and talk!

    Laura's Chat Room
    Laura has a chat room through Bravenet that is always on, for those of you desperate to find somewhere to chat RIGHT NOW. Go to Laura's site and click on "Chat Rooms". You can login and chat pretty quickly.

  • Visit Laura's Chat

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