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Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts Reviewed

The most famous Greek legends comes to Xena:Warrior Princess the show as Xena and Gabrielle get involoved in the Trojan War and meet Helen of Troy, who just happens to be an old friend of Xena`s. Arriving at Troy, they are surprised to meet Perdicus, Gabrielle`s former fiance who was memorably described as `dull and stupid` by Gab. Here, while Xena tries to help resolve the war, Gabrielle and Perdicus get reaquainted. The wooden horse is rolled in, and the story ends as expected with defeat for Troy, although there do seem to be a lot of people escaping quite easily at the end.

I am not a huge fan of these sorts of episodes based on well known stories. Of course we do get a slightly different perspective as the story is usually told from the Greek point of view, whereas Menalaus is not portrayed as a very good character either. Helen is not as beautiful as she should be - this was supposed to be the fairest woman in the world and while the actress is attractive enough, she doesn`t completely convince.
Perdicus was a non speaking bit part in Sins of the Past. Here he has been recast, and Scott Garrison is good and quite appealing, certainly more handsome than the original Perdicus. He is also quitea good character here - more than he would be in the later Return of Callisto, where he was very whiny.
Another OK but slightly dull episode.

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