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The Black Wolf Reviewed

A Robin Hood type mystery figure named The Black Wolf, who helps the oppressed is the subject of this episode. Xena meets an old friend who asks her to try and save her daughter Flora who has been jailed as a sympathizer. Xena gets herself in with the king, Xerxes, and tells him she will uncover the Black Wolf for him. Meanwhile, Gabrielle arrives in town and tries to get herself jailed too so she can help Xena. She bumps into Salmoneus and his range of Black Wolf merchandise in the marketplace. Naturally Xena frees the people, and defeats the wicked King.

This is a competant enough episode, that has its good moments, but is not a real classic. It marks to first appearance of Salmoneus in XENA, and as usual, he brightens up the whole episode. Ever the entrepeneur, Salmoneus nevertheless proves himself to be an al round good guy in the end. We also learn that Xena is a dab hand at embroidery! The girl seems a bit young to have been a childhood friend of Xena`s and their friendship is one of the least believable of all the many "old friends" Xena meets. The identity of the Black Wolf is not all that surprising. There are the usual fun fight scenes, and a few laughs, but not terribly memorable.

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