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The Path Not Taken Reviewed

Xena meets up with an old friend, Marcus on an undercover job to recover a girl who has been kidnapped by the evil warlord Mezentius. Mixing with her old cronies, Xena plans the rescue but is discovered by Marcus. He is by no means evil, and Xena tries to get him to help her. However, his noble deeds don`t help him as he is shot and killed trying to protect the girl.

This episode is notable for Xena`s funeral song for Marcus which was written and sung by Lucy Lawless, and is very beautiful and haunting. It is also the first appearance of the man supposed to be Xena`s real love. The story is OK, but I found Marcus a slightly dull partner for Xena, but I am not sure if I would lay the blame with the script or the actor. He has a certain attraction, but is an unremarkable warrior. The beginning with Xena punching and kicking her way to a table at a tavern is amusing. Mezentius would reappear in Remember Nothing and Marcus was also in Mortal Beloved.

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