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Prometheus Reviewed

Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst as Hercules and Iolaus appear in this story that is one of the best series one stories. In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire and other gifts from the gods and gave them to man. In this story Hera captures and binds Prometheus and man gradually loses Prometheus` gifts beginning with the ability to heal ourselves. Therefore a small cut could be fatal. Xena goes through a bit of an Indiana Jones adventure to get the information and weapon she needs to free Prometheus, but then Hercules and Iolaus turn up. Initially Xena and Hercules fight over who will strike the blow- much to Gabrielle`s amazement, but she then learns that whoever strikes will be killed. Xena and Hercules don`t want the other to be killed. After Iolaus is injured, Xena and Hercules make the final ascent to Prometheus and an outrageous fight with a bunch of green egg men(!) and a flight on a very large bird end with Prometheus freed and Xena and Hercules surviving- now there`s a surprise! Some bonding between Xena and Hercules and Gabrielle and Iolaus too.

This episode has a very good story, with many memorable scenes including Xena`s trip inside a tomb to get the special sword of Hephaestus, Gabrielle`s first meeting with Iolaus, those egg men and Xena`s trip on the big bird. I didn`t really think the double pair up of Xena and Herc and Gab and Iolaus was necessary. It was just a bit too neat and Iolaus is too old for Gabrielle anyway. Also making an appearance in this episode is the cheapo salesman Falafel who has popped up in quite a few Hercules episodes (I think I spotted him in Cradle of Hope too.) However, this fast paced adventure is very entertaining.

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