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The Titans Reviewed

After getting ticked off by Xena, Gabrielle happens upon a group of people trying to say some sort of prayer. Their Greek is a bit off so Gabrielle helps, but her words bring trouble; Three Titans, precursors of the Olympian Gods are released from their tomb of rock and bow down to this goddess that released them - Gabrielle! Initially Gabrielle gets them to help the villagers, but soon the giants rebel when they realize she is no god, and they begin to kill people. Sheltering in a temple, Xena and Gabrielle have words and Gabrielle goes off to try and save the situation, but gets captured by the Titans. They want her to say another chant that will release lots more of them. Xena arrives to save the day and the pair make up.

This story has a few good moments, but it is not a favourite among fans due to Gabrielle`s extreme silliness and Xena`s very superior and condescending attitude in this episode. They aren`t acting as we might expect - although in a series like this, anything goes really and it still early days. The Titan effects are quite good, and there is another unlikely romance for Gab with a characterless young boy. A little humour with Gabrielle and Argo, and the Titans does help a bit, but this is a lesser episode.

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