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The Execution

Director: Garth Maxwell
Writer: Paul Robert Coyle

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Tim Thomerson (Meleager)
Douglas Kamo (Sullus)
Tony Blackett (Arbus)

Meleager the Mighty returns and is accused of murder. Xena and Gabrielle arrive in town just as a death sentence is passed on the warrior. It seems Meleager has returned to drinking, and he cannot actually remember the events of the night when he is said to have killed a man. Gabrielle is convinced he is innocent, while Xena is less sure. When Gabrielle helps Meleager escape from jail, it is Xena and Gabrielle who are in trouble. Pursuing him to bring him to justice, they are at odds over his innocence and there is a little friction, as Gabrielle sticks up for Meleager. The actual truth about what happened is nicely ironic, but generally this is a rather disappointing episode, especially in the resolution of the story. A very unsatisfying ending.

Disclaimer :-
By popular demand, 'The Executioner' will bring back his comfortable lightweight cottonflax blend robe in a variety of spring colours

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