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Orphan of War

Director: Charles Siebert
Writer: Steven L. Sears

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Mark Ferguson
David Taylor (Solan)
Paul Gittins (Kaleipus)

Xena helps the Centaurs battle against their greatest evil. During this, we meet Xena`s 10 yr old son, Solan, who she gave up to the centaurs to raise. This episode includes the first mention of Borias, father of Solan and a former partner of Xena`s who would feature in S4. A moving ending scene featuring more excellent acting from Lucy Lawless.

Notes: A good episode to watch with this is S4`s Past Imperfect. Dagnine, Kaleipus and Xena are interesting to compare. The end scene of this episode where Xena hands over her baby to Kaleipus was refilmed for Past Imperfect. In Orphan of War, Xena mentions how she and Borias used to sing together. Can`t say we have seen much of the singing Borias...

Disclaimer :-
No Sleazy Warlords who deem it necessary to drink magical elixirs that turn them into scaly centaurs were harmed during the production of this motion picture.

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