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Locked Up and Tied Down

Director: Rick Jacobson
Writer: Hilary J Bader

Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor

Guest Stars:
Katrina Browne (Thelassa)
Tanae Heke (Ursena)
William Kircher (Bad Guard)

story: Josh Becker and Rob Tapert

Originally known as Shark Island Prison - a better episode title - this one has Xena sentenced to life in prison for a crime she committed in her dark past. She is taken to Shark Island Prison, but the commander of the camp is the woman she has just been convicted of killing! We get a brief glimpse of the bad old Xena in this episode. Gabrielle also gets to wear something different when she disguises herself as a healer to get to Xena. That fetching sack - last seen in The Debt is back, and Lucy Lawless gets to play with rats again!

Lucy`s previous encounter with rats was in the first season episode Death in Chains, where a whole load were tipped over her. If you;ve seen the blooper tape from S1, Lucy`s screeching of `They`re bloody nesting in me` was a funny moment. She later said the rats were scared and trying to burrow up to her...lovely! There are no reports of where Lucy`s husband, producer and story writer for this episode, Rob Tapert was when Lucy learnt she had more rats to act opposite here.

Disclaimer : -
No rabid, flesh eating crabs were cooked during the production of this motion picture.

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