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11th February 2003 - Pasadena Convention Bits
No, I didn't go, just passing on the news as I've heard it. Firstly, the best pictures from the Convention are to be had over at MaryDs. Lovely photos of Lucy and Renee, plus all the other guests who were there.


Not heard too much about the weekend yet, so do feel free to email me and tell me all about it!! However, the recent hot topic of a XENA movie came up a few times. When Fates Collide writer, Katherine Fugate She said that she has been approached to write the Xena Movie and has had a meeting at Universal. She indicated she was thinking of an Egypt story line, taking advantage of the resurrection mythology from that ancient culture. Sounds appealing!

Lucy, Renee and Rob Tapert also had it yelled at them and all indicated they were keen, although Rob teased that Jennifer Aniston had already been cast as Xena!!

Oh and congratulations to Brits Jo and Carly who scooped first and second in the costume contest!! You go girls! Jo's fantastic A Friend in Need Xena outfit looked brilliant in those pictures on MaryDs.

Wondering what some of the XENA actors are up to? Check out this thread on the XENAVILLE message board about it!

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