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17th February 2003 - Lucy Lawless T Shirt for Breast Cancer Research
Well, you might wonder what Lucy Lawless has been up to acting-wise since XENA ended, but she certainly seems to have been busy at home in New Zealand. News today of another extremely worthy cause that Lucy is supporting. It's the New Zealand Breast Cancer Research Fund, and Lucy has designed a VERY stylish XENA-themed T shirt. She's also seen modelling a designer T shirt(left) on the www.bcrt.co.nz web site.

The first photo is from The NZ Breast Cancer Research Trust website and the second is from the Kiwi Attic website.

The little writing on the t shirt says "These babies are fireproof"
The T shirts are only available in a store named "Glassons" in New Zealand, but you can use the Kiwi Attic website if you want to buy one.

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