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3rd February 2003 - Xenaverse News

First of all, many thanks to everyone who came along to the 10th Midlands Xenafest on Saturday. It was a wonderful day, with everyone enjoying the opportunity to see their Xena pals. People were amazingly generous - we were supporting a local Leicester-based charity for the terminally ill, and raised the magnificent total of 2462!!. Many thanks to all attendees, Ann, Julian and Angela.

Interesting news for US DVD fans. The excellent Anchor Bay company have annouced the release of XENA and HERCULES on DVD in April and June 2003 respictively. There is nothing further about whether these will be all new releases with the legendary Anchor Bay extras or just selling on the Davis-Panzer DVDs sets available by mail order only. However, to have the series available from REAL shops (and from Amazon.com) has to be a good thing.

Finally, my web hosting people have started charging me extra for the traffic XENAVILLE receives, hence the cut down, picture-less page recently. I am going to be redesigning the main page soon. Expect a leaner, meaner Xenaville!!

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