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7th February 2003 - Anchor Bay DVD rumours

XENA director, Josh Becker has mentioned on his web site about doing a commentary for the forthcoming DVD release. This is interesting news for DVD fans, and Anchor Bay have confirmend that their DVDs will be different from the Davis Panzer ones that are available from the Xena/Hercules Online Store.

Josh Becker's website www.beckerfilms.com includes this quote from Josh.
"... Meanwhile, I'm going into LA next week to do commentary (on-camera) for the first season DVD release of Xena. It sounds like they're doing a nice job with the packaging and the extra added attractions."

Also Anchor Bay say there will be a brand new Dolby 5.1 surround tracks and bonus features yet to be determined on the DVDs.

Someone who rang the Anchor Bay people got this:
"Anchor Bay is committed to presenting the show in the original aspect ratio. He said, in part: "We will be presenting the show in the original screen format whatever it may be. If the show legitimately went to 16x9 in future seasons, then that is what will be released to DVD."

Starting with Xena Season 3, episode 3 (since the first two eps of season 3 were shot during the tail end of season 2 and held over), this will be the first time ANYWHERE that the 16x9 widescreen version of the show will be available. (The worldwide sets put out by Universal in regions 2 and 4 were pan and scan, not widescreen.)

Look out for an April 2003 release for Xena season 1 and a June 2003 release for Hercules season 1.

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