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8th February 2003 - Yet MORE Anchor Bay DVD rumours

More stuff from the Josh Becker web site on the Anchor Bay DVDs - or are they Anchor Bay???! Read this question and answer...

"Hi Josh

You recently said "Meanwhile, I'm going into LA next week to do commentary (on-camera) for the first season DVD release of Xena. It sounds like they're doing a nice job with the packaging and the extra added attractions."

That's great news for us Xenafans, the Anchor Bay release I mean. Please excuse the curiosity, but would your commentary just be for 'Fistful of Dinars' which I think was your only Season 1 ep, or any other eps as well? And what does 'commentary (on-camera)' mean? The only Xena commentary I know of so far is the Friend in Need Director's Cut, which had Rob, Lucy and Renee talking off-camera about the action - an extra soundtrack, in other words. And very interesting it was too. Can you give us any more details of what your commentary will involve?

Incidentally, the Xena lists are very interested in this release, since past tapes from Davis-Panzer have had quality problems. There's some hope that Anchor Bay will be better, along with much uncertainty because most fans don't know who they are.

Hope the commentary goes well - for your enjoyment and ours!

Dear Chris:
It's still Panzer-Davis, it's not Anchor Bay. It will be on-camera because they're including a whole other DVD with the set. The other directors being interviewed, from what I hear, are: Doug Leffler, Charles Siebert, Michael Levine, and T.J. Scott. And I'll discuss whatever they want to discuss. I was involved with two eps in the first season, "A Fistful of Dinars," which I directed, and "Chariots of War," for which I co-wrote the story.


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