Earth 2 Guide

Created by Amblin Entertainment and more specifically by Bill Ray and Michael Duggan, Carol Flint & Mark Levin, Earth 2 starred Deborah Farentino as Devon Adair, the leader of a group of settlers looking for a second Earth. The show lasted for just one season.
In this future, the people of Earth live largely on space stations, but this has caused some children to be struck down with a crippling syndrome. Devon's son Ulysses is a syndrome child, and Devon believes a new planet could cure him.
However, there is a powerful group called the Committee who do not want to see Devon's Eden Project succeed. During preparations for the trip, a not so accidental accident occurs and many key personel are left behind as the ship is forced to leave early. The misfortunes continue when on arrival at planet G889, they crash land. Much of their equipment is lost, and more people are killed, leaving a core group isolated many miles from their intended destination, named New Pacifica. On the new planet they soon meet the Terrians, a race that is literally part of the planet. Initial encounters are hostile, but after they help Ulysses, relations with these mysterious beings are improved. Another indiginous species are the Grendlers, a curious hoarder/gatherer creature that looks like a walking hornless rhino! They are a potential help. if only the group could figure out how to communicate with them. The series follows the motley band as they make their way to the promised land.

The main characters are:

Devon Adair (Deborah Farentino)
Whose monied family background made the Eden project viable. She is used to getting her own way, and giving orders.

John Danziger (Clancy Brown)
An engineer and man of action. He is practical and a little reckless at times.

Bess and Morgan Martin (Rebecca Gayheart and John Gegenhuber)
Morgan is a goverment official, and possibly the most useless member of the team! He hates the rough life of a settler, and causes a lot of the problems the group has. His wife Bess is far more adaptable, and, fortunately for Morgan, is very loyal. She is not afraid to stand up to Devon.

Doctor Julia Heller (Jessica Steen)
An inexperienced medic who was supposed to be an assistant for the trip. She also is in touch with members of the committee through VR. She is attracted to Alonzo.

Alonzo Solace (Antonio Sabato Jr)
A deep space pilot, who is actually over 100 years old. He has spent most of his life in hyposleep though. He breaks his legs badly on arrival and is very downhearted at being stuck on a planet instead of zooming through the stars.He can contact the Terrians through his dreams. He and Julia become close after she helps him heal.

Yale (Sullivan Walker)
A reformed criminal,implanted with the experiences of many encyclopaedias to become a teacher. He worked for Devon's family and looks after Ulysses.

Ulysses Adair (Joey Zimmerman)
Devon's son, who is soon cured at the new planet by the indigenous Terrians. After this he develops a link with them.

True Danziger (J Madison Wright)
John's daughter who initially causes mischief, she is naturally inquisitive.

The series was cancelled after just one series. Only 21 episodes were made. The 1994/5/6 seasons on American TV were tough ones for many shows. Others like VR5, American Gothic, Space: Above & Beyond, Nowhere Man and Sliders were also axed, although Sliders was revived later. Earth 2 was expensive to produce. It was filmed on location in New Mexico, which was very effective as the alien planet. For whatever reason, it did not take off, and Amblin were not prepared to persevere. The last episode was broadcast in America in May of 1995.

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