Record Releases

Reprise Records 1968

  1. I Had a King 2:26
  2. Michael from Mountains 3:38
  3. Night in the City 3:35
  4. Marcie 4:35
  5. Nathan La Franeer 3:13
  6. Sistowbell Lane 4:00
  7. The Dawntreader 4:50
  8. The Pirate of Penance 2:40
  9. Song to a Seagull 3:50
  10. Cactus Tree 4:35

Joni's first record. Her ear for non-cliched lyrics and amazing vocals were obvious. Joni had been playing the folk circuit for years and already had written many many songs. As a fantastic songwriter, piano, guitar, dulcima and other instruments were used. That ethereal voice... My favourite songs are Cactus Tree and Michael from Mountains. Quite eerie and airy sounding at times, with extensive use of the echo machine.

Reprise Records 1969

  1. Tin Angel 4:06
  2. Chelsea Morning 2:30
  3. I Don't Know Where I Stand 3:10
  4. That Song About the Midway 4:33
  5. Roses Blue 3:47
  6. The Gallery 4:06
  7. I Think I Understand 4:22
  8. Songs to Aging Children Come 3:03
  9. The Fiddle and the Drum 2:45
  10. Both Sides, Now 4:30

Joni began to grow in popularity with this album, thanks to Judy Collins cover version of 'Both Sides Now', but Clouds showed the growth in confidence and style since Song to a Seagull's naive charms. Joni went acapella for The Fiddle and the Drum, but the stand out tracks for me are 'Chelsea Morning', 'That Song about the Midway' and the classic, 'Both Sides Now'. Probably one of the msot accessible of her albums, lyrically and musically poetic. There is a plaintive quality to her voice on songs like 'Song to Aging Children Come' and others.

Reprise Records 1970

  1. Morning Morgantown 3:12
  2. For Free 4:31
  3. Conversation 4:21
  4. Ladies of the Canyon 3:32
  5. Willy 3:00
  6. The Arrangement 3:32
  7. Rainy Night House 3:22
  8. The Priest 3:39
  9. Blue Boy 2:53
  10. Big Yellow Taxi 2:16
  11. Woodstock 5:25
  12. The Circle Game 4:50

More classic Joni tracks, her biggest hits coming from this album. 'Big Yellow Taxi' for Joni herself, and 'Woodstock', covered by a number of other artists. Ladies of the Canyon was more of the same, but with even more skill and poetry. There is also some great story-telling songs like Rainy Night House, The Priest, For Free and the title track.

Reprise Records 1971

  1. All I Want 3:32
  2. My Old Man 3:33
  3. Little Green 3:25
  4. Carey 3:00
  5. Blue 3:00
  6. California 3:48
  7. This Flight Tonight 2:50
  8. River 4:00
  9. A Case of You 4:20
  10. The Last Time I Saw Richard 4:13

One of the best records of all time, Blue is a stand out. It is Joni at her most confessional, (although the songs may or may not be about Joni herself.) What really makes Blue such a classic is the quality of the songwriting. It is nearly all solo Joni with her guitar, piano or dulcima, but the mood created and her plaintive voice are a singer/songwriter at her best. My favourites? I love 'Last Time I saw Richard' - although it is a killer to try and sing on your own, and 'Case of You'. However, it is hard to pick out one when you have 'River', 'California', 'All I Want' and more. A true classic.

Asylum Records 1972

  1. Banquet 3:00
  2. Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire 4:17
  3. Barangrill 2:53
  4. Lesson in Survival 3:10
  5. Let the Wind Carry Me 3:55
  6. For the Roses 3:46
  7. See You Sometime 2:58
  8. Electricity 3:00
  9. You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio 2:40
  10. Blonde in the Bleachers 2:40
  11. Woman of Heart and Mind 2:36
  12. Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune) 5:25

After the success of Blue, Joni's next record was with a new label, Asylum and was a bit of a change. Joni began using a variety of different guitar tunings and also began using other musicians more. To be honest, I don't like this album as much as many others, but there are some wonderful songs. I was very proud when I finally mastered 'Woman of Heart and Mind' with one of Joni's odd guitar tunings, and it is a brilliant song. The other track I like is 'You Turn me on I'm a Radio', a slightly more swinging song that showed the direction Joni was moving in.

Asylum Records 1974

  1. Court and Spark 2:46
  2. Help Me 3:22
  3. Free Man in Paris 3:02
  4. People's Parties 2:20
  5. Same Situation 3:05
  6. Car on a Hill 2:58
  7. Down to You 5:36
  8. Just Like This Train 4:23
  9. Raised on Robbery 3:05
  10. Trouble Child 3:57
  11. Twisted 2:18

Back to form, Court and Spark is another Joni classic. The style is very different from Blue of just a few years before. Joni has a band now, and a talented one at that. However, as always, its the songwriting that makes it, imaginative lyrics and great tunes. The first 4 tracks are all brilliant. (People's Parties another guitar achievement for me- open D tuning that one!), although come to think of it, the rest of the songs are equally great. Twisted is a witty cover version, but Court and Spark is further evidence of Joni's songwriting and performing range. Ballads, more jazzy, swinging boogie songs, guitar, piano, a band!

Asylum Records 1974

  1. You Turn Me On I'm a Radio 3:55
  2. Big Yellow Taxi 3:05
  3. Rainy Night House 4:00
  4. Woodstock 4:25
  5. Cactus Tree 4:50
  6. Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire 5:10
  7. Woman of Heart and Mind 3:30
  8. A Case of You 4:18
  9. Blue 2:40
  10. Circle Game 5:20
  11. People's Parties 2:30
  12. All I Want 3:20
  13. Real Good For Free 4:15
  14. Both Sides Now 4:10
  15. Carey 3:20
  16. The Last Time I Saw Richard 3:45
  17. Jericho 3:30
  18. Love or Money 4:48

A great live double album featuring the LA Express, the band who joined Joni on Court and Spark. In many ways a sort of greatest hits so far record, with very good, although slightly different versions of many of the best songs from the previous albums. There were also two new tracks; a great version of 'Jericho' which would appear on Don Juan's Reckless Daughter, and 'Love or Money' which isn't on any other album. Stand out tracks, a beautiful version of Rainy Night House, the singalong Circle Game, Last Time I saw Richard and Jericho. Joni's sweet voice is, if anything, even better live, with more spontanteity and vigour. The LA Express support her well, I loved the arrangements of the songs and this is a great album.

Asylum Records 1975

  1. In France They Kiss on Main Street 3:17
  2. The Jungle Line 4:20
  3. Edith and the Kingpin 3:35
  4. Don't Interrupt the Sorrow 4:04
  5. Shades of Scarlet Conquering 4:57
  6. The Hissing of Summer Lawns 3:00
  7. The Boho Dance 3:56
  8. Harry's House/Centerpiece 6:52
  9. Sweet Bird 4:10
  10. Shadows and Light 4:15

The thing I like most about Joni Mitchell is her range of musical styles. She was never afraid to experiment, even when she had achieved success in a particular style. Hissing of Summer Lawns contains two of my very favourite Joni tracks, 'In France they Kiss on Main St' and 'Edith & the Kingpin.' Beautifully written, almost impossible to sing on your own!(try it if you know them.) There were also tracks that once again gave clues to her future musical ventures. 'The Jungle Line' leads onto Don Juan, 'Edith & Kingpin' quite similar to some of Hejira. However, there are a few tracks that are less than true classics. The Hissing of Summer Lawns saw Joni leaving her confessional folk singer days behind and showed maturity and musical complexity. However, for me, it isn't as consistent as her next album...

Asylum Records 1976

  1. Coyote 5:00
  2. Amelia 6:00
  3. Furry Sings the Blues 5:03
  4. A Strange Boy 4:15
  5. Hejira 6:35
  6. Song for Sharon 8:30
  7. Black Crow 4:20
  8. Blue Motel Room 5:03
  9. Refuge of the Roads 6:37

My very favourite Joni Mitchell album of all time, Hejira is a masterpiece of atmosphere and tone. The old verse-chorus-verse format is gone and Joni's way with lyrics and rhythm are unique and memorable. While still using her old friends John Guerin, Larry Carlton and Max Bennett, the introduction of Jaco Pastorias on fretless bass added a new and unusual jazzy sound to some of the tracks. However, it is mainly Joni's guitar based story-telling songs that work for me. 'Furry Sings the Blues' is just perfection - I can, and often do, listen to it over and over again. 'Coyote', 'Song for Sharon' and 'Amelia' are also outstanding songs on an outstanding album. Brilliant.

Asylum Records 1977

  1. Overture/Cotton Avenue 6:35
  2. Talk to Me 3:40
  3. Jericho 3:25
  4. Paprika Plains 16:19
  5. Otis and Marlena 4:05
  6. The Tenth World 6:45
  7. Dreamland 4:37
  8. Don Juan's Reckless Daughter 6:40
  9. Off Night Backstreet 3:22
  10. Silky Veils of Ardor 4:02

A double album, with 'Paprika Plain's taking one whole side, we do have 'Jericho', a great song first heard on Miles of Aisles, 'Dreamland's drums are fun and the title track is OK, but I think this is a bit of a self-indulgance and a disapointment. After the sublime Hejira, I have never found this album as engrossing musically or lyrically.

Asylum Records 1979

  1. Happy Birthday 1975 (RAP) 0:57
  2. God Must be a Boogie Man 4:33
  3. Funeral (RAP) 1:07
  4. A Chair in the Sky 6:40
  5. The Wolf that Lives in Lindsey 6:33
  6. I's a Muggin' (RAP) 0:07
  7. Sweet Sucker Dance 8:06
  8. Coin in the Pocket (RAP) 0:11
  9. The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines 3:22
  10. Lucky (RAP) 0:03
  11. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (5:41)

For some fans, this was a step too far in the jazz direction, but I love this album. The story behind it is equally facinating. Jazz legend Charles Mingus collaborated with Joni on 4 of the 6 songs on the album, writing them specially for her. He was near the end of his life, and it wasn't always an easy collaboration you feel. In the sleeve notes, Joni says,

"This was a difficult but challenging project. I was trying to please Charlie and still be true to myself."

Mingus died during the making of the album and didn't get to hear possibly the best track, 'God must be a Boogie Man', which is of course about him. This and 'The Wolf the Lives in Lindsay' are purely written by Joni, and are my favourite songs. I love those Wolves! A major feature of the album was the contribution of significant jazz musicians. Jaco Pastorius' bass is very much to the fore - appropriately as Mingus was a bass player, Wayne Shorter on sax, and Herbie Hancock on keyboards also contributed. The sleeve features Joni's other talent - as a painter, something she has done since Clouds and would continue to paint the covers of almost all her albums.

Asylum Records 1980

  1. Introduction 1:51
  2. In France They Kiss on Main Street 4:14
  3. Edith and the Kingpen 4:10
  4. Coyote 4:58
  5. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 6:02
  6. The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines 4:37
  7. Amelia 6:40
  8. Pat's Solo 3:09
  9. Hejira 7:42
  10. Dreamland 4:40
  11. Band Introduction 0:52
  12. Furry Sings the Blues 5:14
  13. Why Do Fools Fall in Love 2:53
  14. Shadows and Light 5:23
  15. God Must be a Boogie Man 5:02
  16. Woodstock 5:08
    The next three songs appeared on the vinyl LP and the Japanese 2 CD set, but not on the U.S. single CD:
  17. Black Crow 3:52
  18. Don's Solo 4:04
  19. Free Man in Paris 3:23

Another live album, and another must have for all fans. Recorded at the Santa Barbara County Bowl in September 1979, it has mainly songs from Hejira, Mingus, Don Juan's Reckless Daughter and Hissing of Summer Lawns, with a very different Woodstock and (on the LP) Free Man in Paris. The excellent band included Jaco Pastorius, an important musician in Joni's recent style of music, and the talented guitarist Pat Metheny. Wish I'd seen this live show. A bit of an end of an era as this was the last of Joni's more jazz influenced records.

Geffen Records 1982

  1. Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody 5:17
  2. Wild Things Run Fast 2:12
  3. Ladies' Man 2:37
  4. Moon at the Window 3:42
  5. Solid Love 2:57
  6. Be Cool 4:12
  7. (You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care 2:36
  8. You Dream Flat Tires 2:50
  9. Man to Man 3:42
  10. Underneath the Streetlight 2:14
  11. Love 3:46

Joni moved into the 1980's with a new label and a new style. Larry Klein, who was to become her next husband was the new bass player. Similar in style to Jaco Pastorius at times, this really was a more rock influenced Joni, and to be honest, I am not such a big fan of these later records. However, 'Chinese Cafe' is as good as anything Joni has ever done, and 'Love', based on Corinthians II is beautiful. Generally though I didn't like the move towards rock and roll, and the cover of 'You're so Square' is especially pointless. 'Moon at the Window' is a slower and jazzier and more lyrical and is the only other track I rate, the rest are less interesting.

Geffen Records 1985

  1. Good Friends 4:25
  2. Fiction 4:14
  3. The Three Great Stimulants 6:11
  4. Tax Free 4:19
  5. Smokin' (Empty, Try Another) 1:43
  6. Dog Eat Dog 4:41
  7. Shiny Toys 3:27
  8. Ethiopia 5:53
  9. Impossible Dreamer 4:30
  10. Lucky Girl 4:02

More of the same but without the odd standout, about the best track is 'Dog Eat Dog', but the Larry Klein influence and the 80s rock style was a real turn off for me. Pop whizz kid Thomas Dolby was brought in for his technical skills, although Joni and Larry kept control. Klein wrote the music for Fiction and Tax Free. Another new thing was Joni finally getting into protest songs. Frankly, this album was a bit of a poor one.(IMHO of course.)

Geffen Records 1988

  1. My Secret Place 5:01
  2. Number One 3:46
  3. Lakota 6:25
  4. The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms) 4:49
  5. Dancin' Clown 4:09
  6. Cool Water 5:25
  7. The Beat of Black Wings 5:19
  8. Snakes and Ladders 5:37
  9. The Reoccuring Dream 3:02
  10. A Bird That Whistles (Arrangement of the traditional song "Corrina, Corrina") 2:38

More of the Joni/Larry Klein partnership, but a more even and enjoyable record than Dog Eat Dog. Once again Klein shares in the writing and producing. Guest vocals from Peter Gabriel and Don Henley and yet another Elvis cover(Cool Water), but about the best track is 'A Bird that Whistles', that is based on an old tune. Joni still has the pipes, even if her songwriting is rather uninspiring stuff.

Geffen Records 1991

  1. Night Ride Home 3:21
  2. Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free) 5:25
  3. Cherokee Louise 4:32
  4. The Windfall (Everything for Nothing) 5:15
  5. Slouching Towards Bethlehem (Based on a poem by W.B. Yeats) 6:54
  6. Come in From the Cold 7:31
  7. Nothing Can Be Done 4:53
  8. The Only Joy In Town 5:11
  9. Ray's Dad's Cadillac 4:33
  10. Two Grey Rooms 3:57

Into the 1990s and a return to form. More acoustic and sparse than the over produced previous couple, the opening title track is the best song since 'Chinese Cafe', and has a lovely sampled cricket sound - better use of technology there! Those brilliant twanging guitar tunings are once again to the fore, and there's even a bit of piano. Larry Klein once again shares producing detail, but only helped write one song - 'Nothing can be Done'. Joni hasn't abandoned her social observance eye, 'The Windfall' - another of my favourites - is a lambast of the 90s selfish culture, 'Cherokee Louise' dealing with child rape, but the style is more Joni than the popped up previous ones. A vast improvement.

Reprise Records 1994

  1. Sunny Sunday 2:37
  2. Sex Kills 3:56
  3. How Do You Stop? 4:09
  4. Turbulent Indigo 3:34
  5. Last Chance Lost 3:14
  6. The Magdelane Laundries 4:02
  7. Not To Blame 4:18
  8. Borderline 4:48
  9. Yvette In English 5:16
  10. The Sire Of Sorrow (Job's Sad Song) 7:08

Going even further back to her roots, this is a more acoustic/guitar based album that also has Joni's multiple guitar tunings but more importantly, her song writing seems re-juvenated. By the time the album was released Joni and Larry Klein had split up - apparently on the day they were beginning recording it. He co-produces once again but has no writing role this time. Pure co-incidence I know, but marriage didn't seem to do that much for Joni musically. After all, SHE is the one we love and Turbulent Indigo was critically well received, winning Grammys for Joni. It also marked a return to Reprise Records, Geffen not being all she hoped. Here's hoping the next album, keeps up the trend. Best tracks here, 'Sex Kills' and 'The Magdelane Laundries' - a scathing view of Irish unwed mothers forced into labour by nuns. A little heavy handed but a haunting song.

Reprise Records 1996

  1. Urge For Going 5:08
  2. Chelsea Morning 2:50
  3. Big Yellow Taxi 2:16
  4. Woodstock 5:25
  5. The Circle Game 4:50
  6. Carey 3:02
  7. California 3:48
  8. You Turn Me On I'm A Radio 2:40
  9. Raised On Robbery 3:05
  10. Help Me 3:22
  11. Free Man In Paris 3:02
  12. River 4:03
  13. Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody 5:18
  14. Come In From The Cold 7:31
  15. Both Sides Now 4:30

Part of the Reprise Records deal was this pair of complilation albums that are supposed to represent Joni's popular songs and those that deserve to be popular. However, the choice is subjective. Certainly for me, my favourite tracks are missing, although I would have little argument with the Hits.

Reprise Records 1996

  1. Passion Play (When All The Slaves Are Free) 5:23
  2. Nothing Can Be Done 4:51
  3. A Case Of You 4:23
  4. The Beat Of Black Wings 5:24
  5. Dog Eat Dog 4:42
  6. The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey 6:35
  7. The Magdalene Laundries 4:03
  8. Impossible Dreamer 4:31
  9. Sex Kills 3:56
  10. The Reoccurring Dream 3:04
  11. Harry's House/Centerpiece 6:47
  12. The Arrangement 3:34
  13. For The Roses 3:43
  14. Hejira 6:42

However this collection has far too much of the recent and, in my opinion, lesser stuff. I love Case of You and Wolf that lived in Lindsay, but the rest are misses really for me. I believe sales for this pair of albums were very skewed with Hits outselling Misses by lots and lots, unsurprisingly.

(1998) REPRISE

  1. Harlem In Havana 4:25
  2. Man From Mars 4:09
  3. Love Puts On A New Face 3:46
  4. Lead Balloon 3:38
  5. No Apologies 4:17
  6. Taming The Tiger 4:18
  7. The Crazy Cries Of Love 3:54
  8. Stay In Touch 2:59
  9. Face Lift 4:41
  10. My Best To You 2:52
  11. Tiger Bones 4:22

30 years in the business and still a genius! Taming the Tiger is the best Joni album since Shadows and Light. Joni has a new guitar that apparently stores all her tunings and it computer controlled or something! Whatever it is, the distinctive guitar style is back, and some great songs too. I like all but 'Lead Balloon' (she loves her rock 'n'roll..unfortunately!) and especially 'Man From Mars', 'Love Puts on a New Face' and the title track. Interestingly, 'Man from Mars' was written for the film "Grace of My Heart", a very enjoyable movie that featured Illeana Douglass as a Carole King/Joni type singer-songwriter who is unlucky in love, but talented. Larry Klein was the musical coordinator and a couple of his songs are very Joni-influenced. Performed by Kirsten Vigard in the film, Joni's version appeared here. Some of the soundtrack CDs were released by mistake with Joni's vocals on the track..Listen to it on YouTube here

(2000) REPRISE

  1. You're My Thrill 3:51
  2. At Last 4:26
  3. Comes Love 4:28
  4. You've Changed 4:59
  5. Answer Me, My Love 3:22
  6. A Case of You 5:50
  7. Don't Go to Strangers 4:09
  8. Sometimes I'm Happy 3:58
  9. Don't Worry 'Bout Me 3:48
  10. Stormy Weather 3:07
  11. I Wish I Were In Love Again 3:35
  12. Both Sides Now 5:46

I didn't really "get" this album. Yes, Joni has a great voice, but I wasn't really that interested in hearing her sing old classics with an orchestra. Give me Joni and a guitar or piano solo any day. Over produced and not really my thing.


Disc 1
  1. "Otis and Marlena" 3:54
  2. "Amelia" 6:48
  3. "You Dream Flat Tires" 3:48
  4. "Love" 5:40
  5. "Woodstock" 5:56
  6. "Slouching Toward Bethlehem" 7:11 (Based on a poem by W. B. Yeats)
  7. "Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig's Tune)" 5:22
  8. "The Sire of Sorrow (Job's Sad Song)" 7:09
  9. "For the Roses" 7:28
  10. "Trouble Child" 5:02
  11. "God Must Be a Boogie Man" 3:56
Disc 2
  1. "Be Cool" 5:09
  2. "Just Like This Train" 5:04
  3. "Sex Kills" 3:57
  4. "Refuge of the Roads" 7:56
  5. "Hejira" 6:47
  6. "Chinese Café / Unchained Melody" 5:41 (Alex North, Hy Zaret)
  7. "Cherokee Louise" 6:00
  8. "The Dawntreader" 5:38
  9. "The Last Time I Saw Richard" 4:58
  10. "Borderline" 6:23
  11. "The Circle Game" 6:50

Yet more orchestrated version of her classics. Hmm...


  1. "One Week Last Summer" 4:59
  2. "This Place" 3:54
  3. "If I Had a Heart" 4:04
  4. "Hana" 3:43
  5. "Bad Dreams" 5:41
  6. "Big Yellow Taxi (2007)" 2:47
  7. "Night of the Iguana" 4:38
  8. "Strong and Wrong" 4:04
  9. "Shine" 7:29
  10. "If" 5:32
After retiring from recording, Joni returned in 2007 with this album, and it proved one of her most successful thanks to her high profile with various awards. Must admit, none of the tracks stand out that much however..

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