Chain Reaction (12)

Directed by Andrew Davies
Starring Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz

Director Davies' last film was the thrilling box office smash The Fugitive. There are many of the same elements here, and I suppose the producers were hoping for similar returns.
Reeves and Weisz are scientists working on a secret-ish project to create a usable energy source from water. Aftera mysterious explosion causes massive devestation, the pair are set up to carry the can.
There are. of course, sinister forces at work to grab this technology. Whose side is the secretive Morgan Freeman on? Who is setting up our intrepid pair?
Naturally enough they go on the run and try to prove their innocence. Davies again sets up some memorable sequences such as the lab explosion, an escape across the ice and a chase on a road bridge.
The climax of the film takes place in an underground research facility and features more explosions, of course.
All of the elements are here, but it is no Fugitive. Problem number one is Keanu Reeves as rocket scientist. He outwits all of these top scientists , comes out on top in fist fights against hired killers, and escapes a nuclear type explosion. All this while not messing up his floppy hair! The script is weak, with many daft lines and plot holes. Morgan Freeman is usually reliable, but he sleepwalks through this one.
The screen is busy, but this is not one to linger long in your mind. 5/10.

October 1996

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