The Guest (15)

Directed by Adam Wingaurd
Starring Dan Stevens, Leland Orser, Sheila Kelley, Maika Monroe, Brendan Meyer

Dan Stevens leaves Downton's Matthew Crawely behind to star as not-what-he seems ex-soldier David in this bland and predictable psychological thriller. The set up is David arrives at the home of a dead soldier claiming to have been a friend of his, and quickly worms his way in, with his deceptively soft spoken polite ways and pretty blue eyes. However once people who cross the family start dying, it becomes clear David is not quite what he seems.. And you can guess the rest and you would be exactly right. Stevens is fine, but usually fabulously creepy Leland Orser has his dullest part ever and the way the teenagers are portrayed as the real heroes I think you can guess where this film is aimed. Video game bloody kills, adults disposed of quickly apart from the hot sexy antihero, slightly rebellious almost-grown up daughter, nerdy brilliant hut bullied teenage boy. Yawn.. The horrible synth soundtrack made this seem like a film you'd find buried in Channel 5 on a Wednesday afternoon. Yes, it is about that good. BTW another film I was totally alone in the cinema for, so not sure if it's going to set the box office on fire. Just goes to show a 92% rotten tomatoes is no guarantee. 5/10

September 2014.

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