Hot Pursuit (12A)

Directed by Anne Fletcher
Starring Reese Witherspoon, Sofia Vergara

Slightly unfairly maligned buddy road movie, Hot Pursuit was a flop on its release, but it is mildly entertaining. Witherspoon and Vergara are on the run from dirty cops who killed Vergara's connected husband. Witherspoon is the over-eager, slightly clumsy cop tasked with getting her to the FBI. Of course, they have lots of hi-jinks along the way - unforuntately a lot of it isn't as funny as it should be.
Both actresses are natural comediennes, although Vergara hasn't varied from her Modern Family schtick much over the years. However, the talented actresses just can't do much with the rather lame script and distinct lack of decent jokes. The one funny running joke - every news report has Witherspoon shorter and Vergara older - is really about it. The blooper reel at the end - especially Witherspoon trying to get her speech in Spanish right as Vergara corrects her is funnier than most other parts. Not a good sign.
Still, there is pretty good odd couple chemistry between the two and it is pretty amiable if you are a fan of Witherspoon and Vergara. As much as anything, I am sorry a female led comedy - also directed by a woman - didn't make a bigger mark on the box office. Witherspoon's production company has the aim of creating better roles for women and she and Vergara seemed to be having a lot of fun. However, the script just wasn't really funny enough and the set pieces fell a little flat. 6/10

July 2015

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