It Follows (15)

Directed by David Robert Mitchell
Starring Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi

Very effective and creepy low budget horror/thriller wherein a pretty young cast are chased around by zombie-like things. Sounds not especially scary, but the fairly simple premise is well executed on the whole.
Nineteen year old Jay hooks up with a guy that ends rather weirdly when he tells her he is sorry, but he has passed 'it' on. What does he mean? What happens if 'it' catches you? How can you defeat 'it'?
Slightly annoying and over dramatic music at times and apart from the leading girl, an unmemorable and pretty insipid cast. However, the central concept is stong and raises definite questions in your mind about how YOU would deal with "it"
Unsettling rather than terrifying but an atmospheric and effective chiller 8/10

February 2015

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