The Lost World (PG)

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Starring Jeff Goldblum, JulieAnn Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Vince Vaughn.

After the phenomenal success of Jurassic Park, a sequel was inevitable. This film cost lots, but has already earned a fortune thanks largely to Jurassic Park. After all, you pretty much know what to expect when you enter the cinema for this one.
The story picks up four years after the events of Jurassic Park, and we once again meet Ian Malcolm(Goldblum), who is summoned to meet John Hammond(Richard Attenborough) again. He tells Malcolm about a second dinosaur island and his plans for a survey of this Lost World. Malcolm is persuaded only when he learns hi girlfriend Sarah(Moore) is already there. Before you know it, he is once again mixing with the reptiles. Inevitably though, things turn nasty when another team arrives, but this lot, lead by big game hunter Postlethwaite, want to capture the dinosaurs and take them back to put them in a zoo. Guess what? It doesn't quite work out.
The dinosaur effects are better than ever, just incredibly realistic. We don't have to wait long to meet them, and the people at Industrial Light and Magic- ILM deserve a big cheer for stunning work. However, the same can't be said for the scriptwriters. The story rambles, and the characters act with incredible stupidity. I mean didn't they SEE Jurasic Park? The film also goes on a bit too long, and the fianl sequence, when the T Rex hits the USA is just an up to date King Kong homage. How did that T Rex manage to kill all the crew when it was locked in the hold?
The high point of the film is a breathtaking set piece involving the TRexes pushing a large van over a cliff, and Moore being thrown down onto a piece of glass that slowly begins to crack each time she moves. Spielberg's eye for the tense and thrilling is at its height, and the escape is implausibly amazing. Sadly this scene also sees the first death, and guess what, its the littlemfat bloke- surprise, surprise! Rest assured, very few handsome people get eaten!
One problem the film has is that there are no real goodies or baddies apart from Goldblum. The scientists act very stupidly for most of the firat half, the second team of hunters aren't all bad apart from John Hammonds nephew. Even the dinosaurs only really attack to protect their young. Several times the point is made about the T Rex, that they are protecting their territory or searching for their young. Only the Velociraptors are once again unredeemably vicious. Equal rights for dinosaurs please!
This IS a fun film, once again featuring a warning for young children- and yes kids it IS scary. But for me, it isn't anywhere near as good as the original. Jurassic Park has the advantage of better script and acting, a stronger story- even if it was Westworld rehashed- and the originality. That first sight of the CGI dinosaurs and the thrilling T Rex attack is one of the big moments in cinema history. This new film is a sure fire winner, but won't be remembered for half as long.

For: Brilliant dinosaur SFX, thrilling action sequences, Jeff Golblum
Against: Poor plot, weak characterisation

Verdict: 7/10

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