One Fine Day (PG)

Directed by Michael Hoffman
Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney

This film is a romantic comedy following one day in the lives of single mother Mel, (Pfeiffer) and her bratty son Sam. They meet up with journalist Jack(Clooney) and his almost as irritating daughter Maggie. The day begins badly as the two children miss the bus for a school trip and so Mel and Jack have to juggle their busy schedules whilst arguing/flirting with each other.
The film moves along fairly briskly, although it is an incredibly busy day for all concerned. Pfeffer and Clooney are a slightly uncomfortable couple, not quite gelling. Clooney is a warm and appealing actor, although does he really have to be a ladykiller in EVERYTHING he is in! Yet again the women are chasing him here. He copes well although his is not an overly demanding role. Pfeiffer (who also co-executive produced) is also as cute as ever. Kids in films are often annoyingly precocious, here it is just the way that their bad behaviour is calmly accepted by the adults that grates. Those children would have been given a good smack by most harrassed parents, especially Pfeiffer's troublesome sprog who spills about 3 different food items over her and merely gets a ,'it's not your fault sweetie,' from Saint Mom. Ditto Clooney's lassie who wanders off following a cat in a busy New York street- a dangerous thing to do in any city. Does she get told off? No, she gets to keep a kitten. Send her to bed George!!
Anyway, despite this, the film is a nice one. Undemanding and gently entertaining, this film flopped in America, but has done better here in the UK. It is nice to see an adult(but not ADULT!) romance with a nice line in humour and two attractive stars, no explosions and no killings- unless you count a couple of goldfish.

For: Pfeiffer and Clooney; Clooney's very funny scene with his shrink.
Against: Rather annoying children.
Verdict: 6/10

July 1997

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