Out of Sight (15)

Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Starring George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Ving Rhames, Albert Brooks, Steve Zahn

George Clooney tried to crack movies once again in this adaptation of hot writer of the moment, Elmore Leonard's book. Former sex, lies and videotape favourite, Steven Soderbergh also seeks to find favour with the viewing public once again in this well crafted crime caper.
Clooney is con man Jack Foley, who we meet as he is escaping from prison, only to run into US marshall Karen Sisco(Lopez). Foley and Sisco are attracted, but obviously being on opposite sides of the law is a problem! Through flashbacks, we learn more about Foley, and he is that movie creation, the good hearted criminal. However, Karen is soon on the team to track him down. Meanwhile, Foley and his partner Ving Rhames are on their way to steal $5 million in diamonds from Albert Brooks, a fraudster businessman and ex-con.
The heart of the film is the relationship and romance between Clooney and Lopez. Soderbergh and the two actors do a great job in making it believable and impossible at the same time. Clooney looks to have finally cracked this movie business by doing something other than grin and look pretty, Lopez is wonderful as the sexy but no nonsence marshall. While she finds Foley attractive, she is not going to say,"oh ok, you can go because you are cute." Fine preformances also from the supporting cast. Ving Rhames is solidly good, Steve Zahn is very funny as the spaced out and incompetant accomlice. I liked the story telling structure, a Tarentino-esque skip between different times and places. There is a nice sense of humour that doesn't go too far. This is a crime story, and these are bad guys and cops in effect. Clooney and Lopez stand out in this enjoyable well made film. 7/10

November 1998

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