The Peacemaker (15)

Directed by Mimi Leder
Starring George Clooney, Nicole Kidman

Incredibly average action thriller that is a major disappointment mainly because of its pedigree. It is the first production from the Dreamworks studio- Steven Spielberg, Jeffery Katzenberg and David Geffen's pet project. This film is an entirely predictable but perfectly competant James Bond style romp. Clooney is an Army colonel- you know the type, loose cannon but gets the job done because he has little regard for those silly things; rules. Nicole Kidman is marginally more interesting as a White House advisor on security and bomb stuff who takes over the job on a few minutes notice and soon gets to play little woman to Clooney's macho man. Although give her, or the writers, some credit. She is a little bit tougher than the classic action movie girl. Clooney is as he was in Batman, fine. However, he has little screen presence in my opinion. Looking pretty on ER is not sufficient to carry a movie. Kidman also looks pretty, but to be fair to both actors the script allows them little chance to demonstrate their skills.
The story and script is careful not to miss a cliche. The opening set piece, the wild man hero, the feisty heroine, the soulful bad guy, a few spectacular set pieces, a shocking killing of a good guy, and the long drawn out finale. Frankly the plot is ludicrous, and the portrayal of the villains as either the former Yugoslavs or the Iranians a lazy, but easy target.
On the plus side, the car chase through Vienna is pretty good, but the helicopter chase is over extended and unbelievable, and the finale in New York just dull and predictable. Sure it is competant, but that is not enough. ER director Mimi Leder is a slightly surprising helmer, women rarely direct action movies, but this film is just so unadventurous and formulaic, you have to wonder why they bothered. I guess for the easy money that the Dreamworks team knew they could make purely on their names. A hackneyed story, cliche ridden script and anonymous performances. DULL!! 4/10.

October 1997

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