Rush Hour (15)

Directed by Brett Ratner
Starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Tom Wilkinson, Elizabeth Pena

Good natured buddy movie that has fast talking comedian Chris Tucker paired with fast kicking martial arts king Jackie Chan.
Chan played Hong Kong cop Inspector Lee, who is called to the United States after the daughter of a diplomat he knew is kidnapped. The FBI don't want him interfering, so they assign nuisance cop Carter(Tucker) to babysit him. Naturally, the pair eventually join forces to find the girl and foil the bad guys. That is about it really. Where the film does well is in its stars. Jackie Chan is an amazingly popular star. His stunts are brilliantly choreographed, like a modern dance. Chan is also very likable, and comes across well. Tucker is one from the Eddie Murphy school of comedy- a loud mouth in effect. Rather obnoxious at the beginning, the characters blend well as the film progresses. As expected in a Jackie Chan film, the action scenes are great, although the story is nothing special. Unlikely characters include Brit Tom Wilkinson as the baddie- now there's a surprise!! And it is nice to see Elizabeth Pena again as a fellow cop Tucker teases before asking for help. However, this is a fun film, nothing deep or meaningful, and no classic, but enjoyable. A slight worry though that they are planning another! 6/10

December 1998

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